The Dark Pool

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Winner of the 2019 ICE North America LaunchPad





LineLibrary is building a low-latency exchange to help the B2B sports betting market push liquidity and hedge imbalanced action in real time. We also build low-latency (high through-put), scalable systems for the high frequency trading market. Developing the infrastructure to house the $250B sports betting market solves all idiosyncratic supply/demand imbalances at high speed and in real time.



LineLibrary is developing custom in-house data protection. Client data must be kept with the utmost security. Our in house data servers will host the high frequency trading applications in addition to the exchange and clearing house, while client data will be secured in top data centers.



The backend of LineLibrary has an easy to use API, allowing sportsbooks and liquidity providers to shift parameters on specific positions. Our API is designed to be handled by non-technical personnel. These APIs coexist alongside traditional smart order routing applications. Creating a frictionless exchange allows for easy implementation for clients of all verticals.




The LineLibrary engineering team is extremely equipped in designing financial related products. The team is predominately made up of quantitative engineers who were formerly at hedge funds and have built backend trading platforms, or from large financial institutions who have designed custom risk-management applications. On top of our financially focused team, our lead engineer is a former principal engineer of Betfair.


LineLibrary looks to create the NASDAQ of the sports betting markets. There is currently no efficient mechanism for hedging imbalanced action without shifting lines to entice wager creation. Operators are also looking for a quantitative mechanism to facilitate sharp volume without perceiving its risk. Our software also provides trading firms the necessary infrastructure to push liquidity at high speed. Liquidity from high frequency trading gives sportsbook operators efficient liquidity to hedge undesired risk. LineLibrary creates an infrastructure that allows every market participant to maximize yields and minimize losses, creating fair price discovery within situations that perviously did not have any.


There are two platforms that go into our proprietary product; the LineLibrary Exchange and all of the high frequency trading applications around it. We are developing custom software and technology to help facilitate the $250B sports betting market. We keep all of LineLibrary's products in-house, while cloud hosting operator’s data at extremely secure data centers. We are developing high frequency trading applications for the B2B sports betting market; tools that will eventually be the underlying platform on which the Dark Pool Exchange lives.


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